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Floodpath: The Deadliest Man-Made Disaster of 20th Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles was published by Bloomsbury Press in 2016.  It is an Amazon nonfiction book of the year and winner of the Historical Society of Southern California's Martin Ridge Award for the best book about California history after 1848.  It has been optioned for a television mini-series by Joel Silver Productions.


"Jon Wilkman recalls the harrowing story of the St. Francis Dam break of 1928 with ardent imagination and scholarly insight.  Every pages is riveting . . ."
Douglas Brinkley, professor of history at Rice University

"A future classic of California historiography . . ."
Kevin Starr, professor of history at the University of Southern California

"Essential reading for anyone interested in the human consequences of the unrestrained quest for water and power in twentieth century America."
Michael Hiltzik, Pulitzer-Prize-Winning journalist.