Floodpath: The Deadliest Man Made Disaster of 20th Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles


A visionary and controversial quest for water made modern Los Angeles possible.  But the failure of the St. Francis Dam on March 12, 1928, the worst American civil engineering failure of the 20th century, was a horrific reminder of human limits -- a lesson that is all but forgotten today.  In Floodpath: The Deadliest Man-Made Disaster of 20th Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles, Jon Wilkman, an Emmy-Award winning documentary filmmaker and author of books about Los Angeles, revisits a deluge that claimed nearly 500 lives.  Based on more than 20 years of research and driven by eyewitness accounts, combining urban history and life-and-death drama with a technological detective story, Wilkman's narrative reads like a thriller, grounded on historical fact.  Floodpath is published by Bloomsbury Press. 

A 2016 Amazon  Nonfiction Book of the Year

Winner of the Historical Society of Southern California Martin Ridge Award for the Best Book about California History after 1848

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