In Production

Screening Reality: How Documentary Filmmakers Reimagined America

A new book about the history of American nonfiction filmmaking, from Thomas Edison to the "Post Truth" era of President Donald Trump, and the yet-to-be-explored realm of virtual reality.  To be published by Bloomsbury Press in January 2020.


The St. Francis Dam Disaster

(documentary in development)

Produced as a companion to the new book Floodpath: The Deadliest Man-Made Disaster of 20th Century America and the Making of Modern Los Angeles, this ninety-minute documentary will include interviews with survivors, rare stills and footage, and 3-D computer graphics that recreate the collapse and aftermath.  Click here for a short preview.



The War Behind the Screen: Hollywood vs. Hitler

(documentary in development)

A 90 minute documentary that explores the hidden history of America and the Hollywood film industry during the 1930s, the rise of Hitler and Germany, and the growth of Nazism in the United States.  The film will feature interviews with major historians, footage from Hollywood films, and the startling story of a secret spy operation to infiltrate and expose Nazi activities in  Los Angeles and America at large.

* All programs produced, directed and written by Jon Wilkman unless otherwise indicated.