The Alameda Corridor: An American Priority

A look at the Alameda Corridor and its benefits for American trade.  Sponsored by the Alameda Corridor Authority.


At Issue: Immigration

A thoughtful and dispassionate five-part exploration the modern America debate about immigration, drawing upon the best available facts and information.


Burlington Report

Video adjunct to the annual report of the textile company, Burlington, Inc.


For the Children

A documentary exploring the lives of children around the world who are in need.  Produced for the Save the Children Foundation.


The DRI Driving Simulator

A video explaining the operation and use of a computer controlled driving simulator.  Sponsored by Dynamic Research, Inc.


The Intentional Conversation

A documentary explaining and examining a program of the Skirball Institute for American Values, bringing people together from various walks of life for open conversation.


Join the Evolution

Promotional video about the Port of Los Angeles.  Sponsored by the Port.


Los Angeles Is...

A documentary concerning social conditions in Los Angeles and what local foundations are doing to improve life in America's second largest city.  Produced for the Southern California Association for Philanthropy.


The Los Angeles Urban Funders: Making a Difference Together

A video documenting the structure and activities of a Los Angeles consortium of foundations and funders who are dealing with the city's social and economic problems.  Produced for the Los Angeles Urban Funders.


A New Vision

Video about the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, California.  Sponsored by the University of Judaism.


Pier 400

2-part video documenting the construction of Pier 400 at the Port of Los Angeles, the world's largest container facility.  Sponsored by the prime contractor, Sully-Miller Contracting.


They're Robbing You Blind!

A video about employee theft.  Produced for the Retail Sales Association.


Three Stories from the House of Justice

A video about the need for free legal aid.  Sponsored by Bet Tzedek. a Los Angeles-based legal aid organization.


Transit 2000

Six part series on the issues and technology of modern mass transit.  Sponsored by the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Agency. Shown on KABC, Los Angeles


Western Costume: Hollywood Dream Factory

Documentary about the oldest costume house in Hollywood.  Sponsored by Western Costume.


Worldport L.A.

Promotional video for Worldport L.A., now known as the Port of Los Angeles


You Hold the Key

Video about automobile airbag safety.  Produced for American Honda.


Women Who Make a Difference

Profiles of distinguished women.  Produced for the Los Angeles YWCA

* All programs produced, directed and written by Jon Wilkman unless otherwise indicated.